Villa 12 Los Corales

How do I get to Los Corales from the airport Punta Cana and at what costs?

There are lots of taxis at the airport. Ask one to bring you to Los Corales, El Cortecito. He will ask you about 35 US$.

We also organise your transport directly. Our driver waits for you with your name in hand at the exit of the airport.

If you don't speak Spanish, here is a form with the order for the taxi driver!

How do I meet the person that is in charge of Villa 12?

There is an entrance gate at Los Corales with security personel. Ask them for Rafael or Rosanna, who is waiting for your arrival. Phone +1 829-368-2707 or +1-631-6665

Is there a possibility to get meals at Los Corales? Yes, there are four restaurants: The little restaurant Joy serves delicious snacks and home made popsicles, the Pizzeria at the Piazetta and the very romantic Bar Soles right on the beach. Right behind our house there is a new restaurant "El Tronco" (fancy). If you leave Los Corales, you will find more possibilities to eat, dine and have fun within a 5 minute's walk.!

For a list of restaurants please click here!
Can I cook in the apartment? There is a small kitchen in the corner of the living room with a gas stove. There are dishes for 4-6 people and a gallon with drinkable water.
Where can I buy food nearby? In the neighborhood (about 10 min. by foot) you'll find two well equipped supermarkets and a "Frutero" is waiting outside of Los Corales almost every second day..
How many Pesos do I get for a US $? As the value of the $ is changing daily, we recommend to go to
Where can I change money or get it from an ATM (Bancomat)? At the shoppingcenter "Plaza San Juan " or "Palma Real" you'll find different banks to change your $. There are also ATM's to get money with your creditcard. You get there with the "Guagua" (little public buses) . There are also the bis supermarkets.
What is the average temperature? Outside 28 to 34 degrees (June-Aug 30-36). Normally you don't need the airconditioner.
Do I need other than casual clothing? No, you can go anywhere with Bermudas. Just bring a pair of long pants in case....
What do I have to do, if I want to prolong my stay? Just talk to Rafael or Rosanna (see above) and check our website. They will try to arrange something suitable for you.
What can I expect from the appartment? It's plain, but clean with some luxury. There is a cable TV set and aircondition, as well as WiFi. As you live mostly outside, you'll enjoy this cosy place. See floorplans
When and how do I pay my reservation? We ask you to pay 50% of the whole amount after your reservation and the rest until 12 days of your arrival.We'll send you a confirmation with all details and banking accounts or an invoice with PayPal. The final cleaning and the electricity bill* in cash to Franca.
* Average per week US$ 20, depending on use of AC, hot water and light.
How will I feel about safety at Los Corales? Dominicans are honest and friendly people. As in every country of the world, there are some thieves. For this reason, LC is fenced in and has a group of 10 "watchies" that keep an eye on your properties 7/24. There is a safe in the room.
Can I safely travel around the countryside? Yes, there is no reason to be afraid of. We suggest not to drive at night, because there could be animals on the road and Dominicans don't like to turn down their headlights!
Is there a place to rent a car nearby?

Europcar, Hertz, Avis, Thrifty, and local services

What languages are spoken in the country and at Los Corales? The Dominican Republic is a Spanish speaking country. You always might find somebody that speaks some Italian, French or English. And, last but not least, you sure know your "body-English"!
Where can I book excursions or find a guide? Ask Rafael or Rosanna for the best excursions
Can I use my cellular phone in the Dominican Republic? Of course, if your phone is not locked. ORANGE and CLARO offer a prepaid chip for 100 pesos.
Which hotels are in the area of Punta Cana? Go to a complete map of Bavaro!
Where do I find WiFi Internet connections?

We provide WiFi on both levels with a strong signal. Included in Rental. When problems, please call Alex at 809-802-8862.

Important telephone numbers

Punta Cana Medical Center
Franca Mazzucco
Center for cabs
Police (Cestur)
Reyito (drinkable water)